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Specialized Training

Metallic Structures

What you will learn:
To build situational awareness to find your way through a complex structure full of obstacles and come back to your starting point.
Inspect welding with ambient light and wind condition and place the inspected points on a map.

Where you will fly:
– Metallic Tower with Ladders outside and indoor spaces;
– Indoor containers full of obstacles;
– Outdoor place exposed to light wind.

Confined Spaces

What you will learn:
The pilot will fly reliably in a dusty and dark environment by adopting the right camera and light settings to reduce dust effect.
React properly when losing signal.
To have an opportunity to Fly with a co-pilot or even an Inspector Engineer and build a team coordination reflexes.

Where you will fly:
– Dusty confined galleries with running pipes;
– Inside of Containers and Concrete environments.

Pipes & Pipes Racks

What you will learn:
To follow pipes in a windy environment while systematically checking for leakages, missing parts, the integrity of hanger plates, and the presence of corrosion.
To Mitigate wind by properly placing the pilot and deploying a safety tether.
To read gauges in ambient light.

Where you will fly:
– Outdoor pipe rack accessible from above and below;
– Indoor pipe with gauges and attach points.

Ladder and Safety Platforms

What you will learn:
To use obstacles to increase in-flight stability in windy conditions while checking ladder fixation points.
To deploy a safety tether to increase flight safety.

Where you will fly:
– Fixed ladder on a Climbing Tower;
– Outdoor place exposed to strong wind.

Roof (Top of Structures)

What you will learn:
To perform training near the roof of the structure.
You will learn how to maintain the power of the equipment attached to the structure, without losing the line of sight of the point of interest.

Where you will fly:
– Slopping wood and concrete roof.


What you will learn:
To perform vertical structure inspection requires a lot of attention and control of the equipment.
You will learn how to maintain the correct altitude and control the operation over time.

Where you will fly:
– Metallic Tower with Ladders outside and indoor spaces;
– Outdoor assets with significant higher wind than usually.

Machine Houses

What you will learn:
To fly safely in contact and near protruding objects while reading gauges.
To follow electric lines in a systemic and precise way to ensure full visual inspection coverage.

Where you will fly:
– Indoor pipes with valves, junctions, and attach points;
– Tanks with digital and analogic gauges.

Pressure Vessel

What you will learn:
To inspect pressured vessels and to get the techniques of knowledge on how to perform those with safety.
At the time the training starts, you will learn how to conduct a good quality risk assessment to provide greater standards for the operation as well as the inspection itself.

Where you will fly:
– Small Pressure Vessel.

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