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– December 12th, 2018 –

At this date, XD4SOLUTIONS is pleased to announce its partnership with WM Trading Company, which is a Trading Company specialized on customs importation, issues and processing.

With a team composed of highly qualified professionals, WM has a solid experience at international trade and a high knowledge, expertise and know-how in orders of every size, type and complexity.

WM has provided us support since the beginning of ELIOS importation from Swiss to Brazil, and now, we have closed a partnership to make the importation process goes faster and easier. Together with Flyability Sales Department and WM Trading, XD4SOLUTIONS is able to provide a better and faster delivery to our costumers.

A Specialized Industrial Inspection Company that makes use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), founded by professional Helicopter Pilots, Xd4solutions brings to the global UAV market all the experience gained from more than a decade of aeronautical operations in the Onshore & Offshore field.

Vitória - ES

Rua Des José Alexandre Buaiz, 190, Suite 412, Enseada do Suá, CEP 29050-450 Vitória - ES, BRAZIL +55 27 21423988

Salvador - BA

Av Brigadeiro Mário Epingaus, 3, Suite 117, Porto 3 Business Center, Lauro de Freitas, CEP 42700-000, Salvador - BA, BRAZIL +55 71 987913113