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– September 21st, 2018 –

At this date, the Contour Global Plant Manager of Asa Branca Wind Farm, located at the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Norte, came to visit the XD4SOLUTIONS Training Center, to see personally how we make the differential from the others, regarding of training with all possible details the Planning Inspections specifically designed for our clients, after we get the proper asset selected for that inspections requested.

The Manager spent all day with us, starting from our entire  Company presentation, in the morning, closing with the demonstration of the platform ELIOS, visiting our Training Center designed and Certified by our Swiss Partner, the FLYABILITY. Also he could see the demonstration of our drone Falcon 8, designed by the Germany Company Ascending Technologies, the one which we provide the external inspections for those huge blades.  

A Specialized Industrial Inspection Company that makes use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), founded by professional Helicopter Pilots, Xd4solutions brings to the global UAV market all the experience gained from more than a decade of aeronautical operations in the Onshore & Offshore field.

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